Down The Wormhole (Wormhole Stories #1)

Down The Wormhole (Wormhole Stories #1) - Ana Franco This book was sent to me by the author in exchange for my honest review.
I'll start this review in an unnusual way by stating that I'm deeply impressed with this book!
Down the Wormhole is the first book in the Wormhole Stories series by Ana Franco.
This book talks about Kitty an orphan that arrives into an very unnusal orphanage, she doesn't know her full name, to herself and others she's just Kitty.
When Kitty realizes she has met several mythical creatures, like Anubis, Medusa and Amergin, all being in deep trouble.
Kitty has to help her friends and herself as she discovers her role in their story and starts to look at the world in a different way.
Being so well written and with a very interesting plot this book amazed me completely! I didn't think it was possible to mix so many kinds of mythology and actual world facts and mix them all up in a very addicting story.
As this is a short kind of book I think it was very pleasant to read and advise it to people who are in exam season and just want to take their minds of the textbooks for a little while.
You can really see how Kitty changes through the book and admire the maturity she gained by the end of the story!
If you like mythology, parallel universes and short and sweet stories you're in luck because you have the perfect opportunity to really enjoy an amazing book!