Perfect Harmony

Perfect Harmony - Shaloa Robinson This book was sent to me by the author in exchange for my honest review.
This book was an easy read, very fluent and with some plot twists that keep you focused and the characthers are well done and have a certain depht.
The story itself is interesting and really portraits some aspects of a teenagers life, like having to take care of your friends and family, while taking care of yourself and other things like that.
You can see how the relatuionships between Harmony and Troy and Harmony and Julian develop as Harmony herself also does.
It's a very educating heart-touching story and every teenager and parent should read it, since I think it could help both to see from other point of view.
I think this book only has two major mistakes:
1- It has so many grammatical mistakes that even I, a non-native speaker with only the foreign language level of english from public education, could pick up on them!
2- The end was so abrupt that I tought that the epub had been damaged and had to check out wath was happening.
If you like contemporary reads you'll appreciate this story.

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